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Welcome to Voltaire Design Studio, specializing in creating handcrafted designs and custom garments. With a passion for clothing and costuming, we provide unique and high-quality pieces that meet the needs and desires of our customers. The goal is to bring your visions to life, ensuring attention to detail and exceptional craftsmanship in every creation.


Voltaire Design Studio was founded in 2014, originally to showcase and sell creative wares.  Creative mind and maker Kelly Belt has been sewing since she was 10 years old and making jewelry since she was 12. The older she got, the crazier the ideas became. It was only when the projects outgrew the family home that she moved into a working studio space. It was also at that time that the family started to vend at conventions and expand the collection, taking on larger projects such as Phoenix wings, larger dresses, and leatherwork.

Today, Voltaire Design Studio is honored to work with clients ranging from cosplayers to brides, live action-roll players, Santa Clauses and those looking for unique, one-of-a-kind items.

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If you wish to commission us to make your concept real, please contact us. Custom works are our specialty, so prices are low when compared to shops not set up for unique requests.

At Voltaire Design Studio, we are dedicated to providing exceptional customer service.  We are ready to assist you with any questions or concerns.

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